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BeachAre you ready to go on vacation?

Larry and I are Palace Elite Members and are allowed to give referral weeks to friends and family. When you use one of our referral weeks you are allowed to pay our member price, which can save you typically $500 or more over internet pricing.

Using one of our weeks, you will get all the additional benefits we receive as members, including a FREE massage, manicure, and pedicure for each adult, as well as $1,500 in resort credits you can use for the spa, golf, swimming with the dolphins, and the Wet-n-Wild Water Park, along with other tours. You are also entitled to specially designated areas on the beach that are exclusively for elite members.

We have stayed at or been on every one of the Palace properties except one (which we plan to remedy in March 2014), so we can tell you what to expect and answer any questions that you may have. We have extensive pictures of each of our vacations to the Palace resorts that you are welcome to look at as well.

We have thoroughly enjoyed every one of our Palace vacations and are so happy to share this opportunity for you to have a great vacation!

Please feel free to call or email either of us for more details! Check out the links below for more info on the Palace Resorts.

Tami LePier

(218) 435-1040

Larry LePier

(218) 435-1040

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